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Johnny Cachet was a very rich young man. He was thirty two years old and had made two billion dollars investing in hedge funds, derivatives, and other high risk properties since leaving college. He was regarded to be a financial wizard on Wall Street. But the game had gotten old for him. Investing, riding the adrenaline high as his portfolio increased exponentially, the dinners, the partying, the whores, the cocaine. He was tired and three weeks after his thirty second birthday he officially retired. He put his money in long term, low risk investments, saved some on the side for a little day trading here and there, and toured the country. He was vacationing with a purpose. He had decided to leave New York and settle somewhere, build an estate, and settle down. He just wasn’t sure where.

He decided on Louisiana, near New Orleans. He had spent some time in NOLA over the years and his family had actually sprung from the Cajun bayous of the area. He loved the city but decided he wanted to …
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The Cure

Cancer. The doctor had conveyed the news across his desk in an even toned, emotionless delivery, honed over years of medical practice. She had not heard much after that word. Cancer. She felt as if she were in a film. She saw the doctor there before her, saw his mouth moving, but heard nothing. Cancer. Suddenly her senses returned and she caught the end of his sentence “...unfortunately there is not much we can in your case Sara. I’m truly sorry. We will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible for whatever time you have left.” Cancer. Death sentence. It had been a tumor in her liver and then it had spread to her lymphatic system. She was basically fucked. She was thirty two years old and the first thing that came to mind were all of the things she had put off and planned to get to when it was convenient. Travel, a family, a show at MOMA. None of that was going to happen now. She felt empty. Despair.

She spent the next couple of weeks at home, trying to adjust to the fact th…

Into the Wild

Travis had been looking forward to this trip since he was a teenager. It had taken quite a while to save the money, but in the meantime he had learned all he could about Kenya and its wildlife. He had devoted practically all of his free time and energy to becoming an expert on the subject and now he was here, about to take his first ever hot air balloon trip over the tantalizing landscape. His acute fear of heights were not going to be very helpful, but he steeled himself for the trip and was determined to enjoy the adventure. The pilot, Menzie directed him into the gondola and they were off. It was magnificent. They floated over high rock formations, trees, and grasslands of the savannah. He saw vast herds of wildebeest, antelope, zebra and other exotic animals. His adolescent fantasies had not even come close to the reality of the experience he was having and he felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

After they had been up for a few hours Travis heard Menzie swear and…


I sat on the beach watching the waves roll in. I was on a small tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. I had been there, marooned, for what I calculated to be somewhere close to two years. I had survived a plane crash and washed ashore later. I was accompanied by several pieces of luggage that I found while combing the beach over the next few days. I had never been in a survival situation before and had no training for it except watching several TV shows on the subject. I remembered some of what I’d learned on these shows and the information had helped to get established on the island.

I had managed to build a shelter out of raw materials, build fire, and survive on crabs and cocoanuts. Later I had been able to cobble together some fishing gear and added fish, clams, squid, and other seafood to my diet. A few excursions to the inner island had led to the discovery of a freshwater source, some naturally growing tubers that were pretty good when fire roasted, and evidence of wild p…


Dina Ladner sat on the bed in her room, her packed suitcase beside her. She was leaving the Evergreen mental facility where she had lived for the past two years. Her time there had helped her to resolve issues around a great tragedy in her life, the massacre of her family. Three men had broken into the house one night. Dina heard them and hidden in her closet. She heard the men ordering her parents and her two brothers to the downstairs part of the house, then gunshots. The police had arrived and found her in her hiding spot in shock. As they walked her out of the house she was confronted by the bloody scene of her family’s murder and by their corpses lying in pools of blood, which had caused her total collapse. She had awakened two days later in a state mental ward surrounded by dirty gray walls echoing with the blabbering and screams of the mentally deranged. They had medicated her heavily and left her to sleep on a bed. Day after day passed and after she had been there a week, men …

The Troubadour

Lorcan sat in the room of the seedy motel, thinking about the upcoming gig. It was around eight o’clock and he would have to leave soon for the club. Start time was nine thirty. He got up and crossed the room and took a drink. Awful! Marla’s body was getting cold and the blood was not palatable when not warm. He hadn’t really hunted yet that evening. He had risen at dusk and gone out to pay the manager for the next week. As he returned to his room on the back side of the motel, the young woman had followed him. He was instantly aware of her, but let her follow just to see what would happen. As he approached his door she came up behind him and pointed a pistol into the small of his back.

“Give me your fucking money and don’t make a sound or I swear to God I’ll kill you.” she said

Lorcan found her threat to be positively hilarious. With his back still to her he began to shake with laughter.

“Do you fucking think I’m kidding?” she asked

“Oh no my dear” he said softly “I’m sure you are …