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Self Realization

Myron noticed one day that the ground beneath him was growing soft. As time progressed, the spot became softer, gradually becoming a hole. Gradually Myron began to sink into the hole and over the next few weeks found himself lowering a little more each day. Finally, one morning, Myron awoke at the bottom of the dark pit and discovered that he had lost himself.
Myron was never able to climb out into the light.
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It was a warm spring night and Trey was walking down a long country road about forty miles outside of Charleston S.C. He had been on his way to New Orleans when the car broke down. Now he was hiking down the road hoping there was a gas station or truck stop within a reasonable distance. There was a light breeze that played over his skin as he walked. He could make out the trees, laced with spanish moss in the light of the full moon. There was jasmine on the air and sounds of various insects calling for potential mates filled the air.

He looked down the road in the distance and saw what appeared to be a human figure waiting for him. He wasn’t so sure he could trust his eyes, but as he got closer he saw that he had been correct. There was a woman standing in the road ahead of him. Drawing up to her he stopped and quickly took her in. She was a beautiful woman with dark hair and eyes. Probably in her twenties or thirties, but her eyes held the look of a person much older and more experien…

Extended Warranty

At sixty years old, she was healthy and happy. She had been trained as a physicist and had spent her career doing research in the field of astrophysics. She had also taught and had enjoyed both her research and teaching careers immensely. Now retired, she occasionally consulted on projects for agencies such as NASA and JPL, but mostly spent her time puttering around the house with her dogs. She had never married or had children, and most of her family were now deceased. Though she often missed her parents and siblings she never felt lonely. She was an optimist at heart and lived accordingly.

One day Liz was out for a hike, something she did almost every day. She lived near the foothills of a mountain range and often went on day hikes there. It was a great way for her to exercise and she found peace strolling up and down the paths of the forested hills. She was just coming off of the trail to head back to her car when she was struck. She never knew what hit her, it was too fast and she …

Man's Best Friend

Joe was an average guy. An average Joe, so to speak. He was thirty four years old, college educated, came from a good family with a solid upbringing, and had a good job as a transportation analyst with the U.S. government. He lived in an upper middle class suberb in Virginia, outside of Washington D.C., with his wife Rachel and two sons, Joey and Willis. He enjoyed life immensely. He spent a lot of time outside of work with his family. Outings, backyard cookouts, fishing trips, and cultural excursions into the city kept him close to his family and allowed him to fully enjoy being a father and a husband. He loved his wife and never entertained any interest in other women. In short, life was exactly as he had always expected it would be and he was content.

The alarm went off at five a.m. as usual for a weekday morning. He rose and sat on his side of the bed, acutely aware of the empty space on the other side where his wife would have normally slept. She and the kids were out of town, vis…


Johnny Cachet was a very rich young man. He was thirty two years old and had made two billion dollars investing in hedge funds, derivatives, and other high risk properties since leaving college. He was regarded to be a financial wizard on Wall Street. But the game had gotten old for him. Investing, riding the adrenaline high as his portfolio increased exponentially, the dinners, the partying, the whores, the cocaine. He was tired and three weeks after his thirty second birthday he officially retired. He put his money in long term, low risk investments, saved some on the side for a little day trading here and there, and toured the country. He was vacationing with a purpose. He had decided to leave New York and settle somewhere, build an estate, and settle down. He just wasn’t sure where.

He decided on Louisiana, near New Orleans. He had spent some time in NOLA over the years and his family had actually sprung from the Cajun bayous of the area. He loved the city but decided he wanted to …

The Cure

Cancer. The doctor had conveyed the news across his desk in an even toned, emotionless delivery, honed over years of medical practice. She had not heard much after that word. Cancer. She felt as if she were in a film. She saw the doctor there before her, saw his mouth moving, but heard nothing. Cancer. Suddenly her senses returned and she caught the end of his sentence “...unfortunately there is not much we can in your case Sara. I’m truly sorry. We will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible for whatever time you have left.” Cancer. Death sentence. It had been a tumor in her liver and then it had spread to her lymphatic system. She was basically fucked. She was thirty two years old and the first thing that came to mind were all of the things she had put off and planned to get to when it was convenient. Travel, a family, a show at MOMA. None of that was going to happen now. She felt empty. Despair.

She spent the next couple of weeks at home, trying to adjust to the fact th…